Licit Extracts Green Crack THCA Badder 1g

Licit Extracts Green Crack THCA Badder 1g


Licit Extracts Green Crack THCA Badder 1g


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This sativa dominant badder contains 99% THCA and 5% added terps.

Green Crack, also known as “Green Crush” and “Mango Crack,” is a potent sativa marijuana strain made by crossing Skunk #1 with an unknown indica. This strain is beloved by many consumers for its energizing effects. But don’t let the name fool you: this is pure cannabis. Few strains compare to Green Crack’s sharp energy and focus as it induces an invigorating mental buzz that keeps you going throughout the day. With a tangy, fruity flavor redolent of mango, Green Crack is a great daytime strain that may help consumers fight fatigue, stress, and depression. Because the name “Green Crack” perpetuates a negative image of cannabis, some people have taken to calling this strain Cush (with a ‘C’) or Green Cush instead.


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